US corporations cash in on Ukraine’s oil and gas

As Ukraine sells off public assets in a privatization spree, US fossil fuel corporations like ExxonMobil, Chevron, and Halliburton are in talks to run its oil and gas industry, and the IMF is imposing the Washington Consensus.

As the war in Ukraine drags on, the government is selling off state assets in a big privatization spree.

US fossil fuel corporations like ExxonMobil, Chevron, and Halliburton are participating in discussions to take over the Eastern European nation’s oil and gas industry, as Kiev pushes to increase production to replace Russian energy exports.

This comes soon after Ukraine’s Western-backed leader, Volodymyr Zelensky, sent a friendly video message to a US corporate lobby group, thanking companies like BlackRock, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and Starlink, and promising “big business” for others.

In September, Zelensky also symbolically opened the New York Stock Exchange, announcing that his country is “open for business”, offering more than $400 billion in “public-private partnerships, privatization, and private ventures” for US companies.

The Ukrainian government has used the war as an excuse to ram through some of the most aggressive anti-worker laws on Earth.

The director of the Kiev-based workers’ rights NGO Labor Initiatives warned of a “full-scale attack on Ukraine’s labour rights”, writing in a German government-funded journal that the “war cannot be used to justify stripping workers of their rights”.


Worth noting is almost all Ukrainians along with virtually all Eastern Europeans are descended from freed slaves. The so-called ‘Polish nobility’ instituted the psychopathic Arenda system, which was largely run by Jews. The largest ‘peasant’ (meaning slave/serf) uprising in European history occurred in 1648-57 in the southeastern part of the then Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, which is now Ukrainian territory (or just was). The uprising was a manifestation from the fairly deep past of the ethnic and socioeconomic divisions that define much of Eastern Europe to this day. Ukrainians are still under the thumbs of someone else, including Jewish oligarchs and Russian soldiers. The article above describes the next chapter of someone else controlling Ukraine and getting most of the money. ABN

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