Ocean warming ‘coming out of the sea floor like a firehose’

“This is an unusual pattern (50 days of exceptional ocean warming) – an extreme event at a global scale, [not] merely an El Nino,” said Princeton University climate scientist Gabe Vecchi. “That is a huge, huge signal.”

“The University of Colorado’s Karnauskas took global sea surface temperature anomalies over the past several weeks and subtracted the average temperature anomalies from earlier in the year to see where the sudden burst of warming is highest. He found a long stretch across the equator from South America to Africa, including both the Pacific and Indian oceans, responsible for much of the global temperature spike.”


What could precipitate this?:

❌Solar irradiance
❌Man’s greenhouse gas activity
❌Milankovitch cycling
❌Natural greenhouse gas emission
❌Lack of volcanic suspended carbon
❌Suspended methane or water vapor

✅Heat plume from Earth’s exothermic core

“They explored in that direction, and what they saw was not just methane bubbles, but [~9 degree hotter] water coming out of the seafloor like a firehose. That’s something I’ve never seen and, to my knowledge, has not been observed before.”



Originally tweeted by Ethical Skeptic ☀ (@EthicalSkeptic) on May 2, 2023.

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