Second Biden Removal Leverage Deployed and Timed to Coincide with First – Prosecutors Near Decision on Hunter Biden Indictment

If you think about Joe Biden’s 4-year term in office as an intentionally constructed single term with no limits or consequences to the cascading damage inflicted; and if you think about the ideologues behind the plan to use cognitively challenged Biden as a tool to achieve their agenda; then everything from the way he was selected in 2020, to the disconnected and fragmented policy and Biden’s interpretation of them, just makes sense.

As our friend Lee Smith summed up in early 2021, “Joe Biden is an avatar for Barack Obama’s third term.”  That is what we have been witnessing.  A term in office where every policy wish list and far-left agenda item could be triggered without any care or consequence of political damage.

The people behind Biden are ideologues using this unique opportunity to further the “fundamental change.”  From that perspective every single granular move during the Biden term makes sense.  However, this also means there’s no term two in the design.   The damage will be so great, there’s no way for a second term.

Again, if you accept that background, and ignore the puppet presentations, everything currently underway that seemingly makes Biden look vulnerable and disposable makes sense.  It’s not Republicans trying to take him down, it’s Democrats – who will use republicans to assist them.

Into this landscape comes the second leverage point for the removal.  The vulnerability represented by Hunter Biden.  This approach also explains why the Hunter Biden investigation was completed long ago, and the Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco/Obama-minds were simply waiting for the timing of the election calendar.  Earlier today a Main Justice whistleblower provided the triggering mechanism for one removal approach.  Here is another:


UPDATE: I greatly admire Sundance and this essay is well-worth reading. But I do not believe Obummer is at the top. He, too, is an actor, maybe a director, certainly a puppet doing the bidding of others. That said, everything else Sundance points out in this piece is very likely 100% on target. It’s all staged. I only disagree on who is the producer. ABN

One thought on “Second Biden Removal Leverage Deployed and Timed to Coincide with First – Prosecutors Near Decision on Hunter Biden Indictment

  1. Totally agree with your assessment. Presidents come and go but the deep state remains. All Presidents are front men, pawns.

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