The Chinese Communist Party had a mole in the US government for 37 years

Larry Wu-tai Chin had a long career of service in the U.S. government. His excellent command of English got him his first job with the U.S. Army in World War II, working at the Chinese liaison’s office in Fuzhou. He was good at his work, and was moved up to the Consulate in Shanghai, then in Hong Kong. 

When the Korean War broke out, he debriefed Chinese prisoners of war captured by the Americans. That earned him a spot with the CIA, where he worked as an analyst, linguist, and even a covert case officer. He was even awarded a CIA medal in 1980, at the end of his career. The agency had no idea he’d been working for the Chinese government the whole time. 

Larry Wu-tai Chin was born Chin Wu-tai in 1922. He was recruited by the Chinese communists during World War II, after he’d graduated from university. His mission was to infiltrate an American government agency inside China and work his way up in the ranks. He started with the Army because China and the U.S. were World War II allies. 

After the war, he began working at American consulates in China, then onto British-controlled Hong Kong. During this time, China won the Civil War and took control of the mainland. Chin continued serving as an intelligence operative, passing classified information on to Chinese intelligence agents. 


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