RFK Jr interview

UPDATE: This is a good interview. RFK Jr brings a new perspective to US politics along with deep roots to the past. His answers are quite good and he is willing to say let me think about that more, which is good to hear. He did not once deceptively answer a different question or fluff over the substance of a query. He seems not to be owned by special interests and his father and uncle were both murdered by state actors. It will be interesting to see how he plays with Trump. I can imagine a Trump/Kennedy ticket with the promise that Trump handles foreign policy, trade, the border, and much of the economy while Kennedy handles domestic and social problems. I hope they don’t start fighting. My sense is Trump will not attack unless he is attacked first. If they can get along without slinging dirt, they will lift this country up. Four more years of Trump with Kennedy followed by eight years of Kennedy would resurrect a genuine American ethos and bring it up to date. ABN

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