Retracted coronavirus (COVID-19) papers

We’ve been tracking retractions of papers about COVID-19 as part of our database. Here’s a running list, which will be updated as needed. (For some context on these figures, see this post, our letter in Accountability in Research and the last section of this Nature news article. Also see a note about the terminology regarding preprint servers at the end.)


Retraction of a published paper from a journal is its removal from the journal.  It is typically done after findings of malfeasance, such as fabrication of data, substantial plagiarism, etc.  However, in the era of COVID-19, retractions have taken on a new (or perhaps previously hidden) politically-driven dimension.  Papers of high technical quality have been retracted if they question the government-industry approach to the treatment of COVID-19, and especially adverse effects resulting from the COVID-19 “vaccines”.


Retracting or ‘disappearing’ scientific papers based on a vax agenda is anti-science. This is a form of psycholinguistic control of individuals and society at large. I want to emphasize how words are being used to defeat reason, science, a healthy society. Fighting words like the R-word or N-word are used to rile crowds and individuals. Sciencey words are used to justify proscriptions on speech and research while also signaling individual scientists that disobeying will mean loss of credentials. These are forms of mind-control leading to chaos and takeover of the nation. The only way out is reasonable government based on rational laws enforced by well-trained police—a very tall order in today’s USA & West & world. ABN

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