Denied RELIGIOUS EXEMPTION and FIRED, Rhode Island teachers see the tables turn — school system to pay $430,000 in restitution and rehire

 Vaccine mandates hurt employees across many sectors of the economy, but those vaunted “essential workers” often bore the brunt of them. First responders lost their jobs, and when teachers weren’t having to educate kids remotely, many of them faced unfair mandates.

Now, three Rhode Island teachers who lost their jobs under a vaccine mandate in 2021 are being rehired and receiving a settlement for their trouble. The Barrington School Committee sacked Brittany DiOrio, Stephanie Hines, and Kerri Thurber over their unwillingness to take the vax. The teachers applied for a religious exemption to the vaccine, but the school system denied the exemption.

In its report, EastBayRI states that the teachers “failed to follow the district’s Covid-19 vaccine mandate.” (Remember, comply or else!) However, they sued and won. In addition to giving the teachers their jobs back, the school system had to pay a total of $493,000 in damages.


Religious exemptions fundamentally are exemptions of conscience. ABN

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