Prediction: The next (bogus) indictment of President Trump will be Friday or soon after

Obviously, I am going to have a lot more to say about this shortly.  I like to stay quiet at times like this and just sit atop the bluff as the crowd starts to realize things.

When you think you know the apex of how Machiavellian and corrupt the DC system is, you need to reevaluate your reference; it’s way worse.

Remember, there are trillions at stake, ‘trillions’.  With the entire geopolitical dynamic being threatened, and with trillions of dollars at stake, nothing is ever off the table.  When you think the people who control the world of finance and politics couldn’t possibly be organizing, coordinating and manipulating certain events, again, reevaluate your reference, because they do.

Its a large network of aligned interests.  It doesn’t take a lot of organization and creation of some massive global conspiracy to create outcomes of mutual benefit to all parties, when the interests of those parties are all aligned inside the economics of the issue.  Instead, the simple process they use has two components:

(1) – Identify the common enemy. Thereby everyone can act according to their institutional interests to undermine and attack that enemy.

(2) – Identify the common solution. Thereby, everyone can align to support the common objective according to their institutional capability.

Making accurate predictions simply falls into a process.  How will this [fill_in_blank] impact the global agents and the control agenda?   What will each element within the institutions do to support the removal of risk?  What will each element within the institutions of power do to align with a common solution?

Generally speaking, when an inflection point is organized by the systems of power, such as a Ron DeSantis 2024 announcement, the traditional rulebook they follow instructs them to allow the introduced variable a full media cycle [36hour window] for the new narrative to settle as it dominates the news and public psyche.  After the full media cycle, the support operation begins.

If the traditional process is followed, and with Ron DeSantis making his announcement tomorrow, that puts the next indictment of President Trump on a scheduled for Friday (ish).  I say “ish” because if the indictment people see positive value in the RdS rollout, they may delay a weekend media cycle.   So Friday or Monday, depending on how they view the success of the created inflection point.

It’s not a conspiracy folks, it’s just watching things as they are; reevaluating prior steps with new information; and ultimately knowing what to look for in the next logical sequence of events.

More soon….


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