WHO plandemic preprogramming ongoing

Prepare for a disease even deadlier than Covid, WHO chief warns

This is an actual image (recycled) and warning from the WHO. Preprogramming is a mind-control technique that introduces and repeats preplanned major incidents—including pandemics, election theft, and wars— before they happen. Preprogramming means they are preprogramming you. It can be done through ‘concern warnings’ like the one above; through movies, news stories, influencers, political leaks, etc. By preprogramming you, they prepare you psychologically for the event, which makes it more believable when it happens and you more tractable, but no less panic stricken. ABN

2 thoughts on “WHO plandemic preprogramming ongoing

  1. This idea of preprogramming as a mind control technique makes sense. However, I wonder whether the completely bungled covid response could make this technique no longer effective. That is, when people see this list of things WHO is worried about, would they just roll their and say to to themselves “there they go again with the fear mongering”?


    1. I agree with this and have discussed precisely this point with friends. Covid and the covid response have allowed many to see the game being played. At the same time, there seem to be more layers than just this one. A major goal/technique of mind-control is to make everything irrational, nonrational, weird, absurd, unexplainable, confusing. This puts people in a passive state, destroys or damages their autonomy and capacity to reason. The group with the most power rules when chaos prevails because they can define the way to ‘safety’.

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