100% lab-grown babies in FIVE YEARS: Japanese researchers are on cusp of creating human eggs and sperm that can be grown in a fake womb

Growing human babies from scratch in a lab could be possible in just five years thanks to a new breakthrough.

Researchers in Japan are on the cusp of being able to create human eggs and sperm in the lab from scratch, which would then develop in an artificial womb.

Professor Katsuhiko Hayashi, a Japanese scientist at Kyushu University who has already figured out the process in mice, believes he is just five years away from replicating the results in humans. 


This is the other boom in super intelligence coming soon. Manipulating gametes will boost human IQs and other desirable traits above any human who has ever lived. This is a form of eugenics that does not involve killing people or depriving them of the right to produce offspring. People will be able to choose to breed the old way and produce offspring by Darwinian chance, or the new way and have their best genes mingled in a laboratory. It will also be possible to build even better outcomes by multigenerational manipulation of gametes. There is no way to stop technology like this and no reason to want to. Many social problems will cease to exist due to tech like this. ABN

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