Military thought experiment Part 3

In Part 1 and Part 2, we discussed how a well-organized group could: Gain control of a large society by using a small number of clandestine military operatives.

In this post I want to explore what may be indications that this already has been done to American society and how it may still be going on.

The following video explains two important refinements in our usual understanding of MKULTRA.

The first is the use electromagnetism and electromagnetic fields (broadly EM) to control people and the second is that MKULTRA did not end in 1964 as generally believed.

The video:

I would add the following point to this video: The main reason most individuals are harmed or controlled through the use of clandestine techniques is to control their communities.

Besides the clandestine use of drugs and EM as discussed in the video, psychosurgery is another way to destroy an individual’s productivity and harm their community. A lobotomy, for example, can be done with a hypodermic needle filled with ethanol. An operative with little training would be able to do it in a few minutes.

If the time is well chosen, the victim will wake up feeling they have a terrible hangover or that they are disoriented and may be getting sick.

This post is a thought experiment. I invite readers to use their imaginations to consider how easy it would be to accomplish these goals.

Furthermore, I think it is only rational to consider that something like this may already have happened in many/most societies in the world, including the USA.

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Edit 9/3/17: If you think EM weapons are farfetched, see this: US Embassy in Cuba hit by new sonic attack, 19 Americans have brain injuries and hearing problems.

Edit 9/14/17: More on the above story: Attacked in bed, safe a few feet away: Cuba mystery deepens.

Edit 9/30/20: An excellent overview of MK-ULTRA: CIA Project MK-ULTRA.

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