White people and ethno-masochism

In the video below Black Pigeon reveals that he lives in Japan and has wide experience in East Asia. John Derbyshire, who writes on white identity, similarly spent years living in China.

I see a pattern when I add myself to this list. I spent many years in China and Japan. I’m pretty sure BP and JD came to conclusions similar to mine—East Asian nations are unabashedly ethnocentric.

The feeling is overwhelming when you spend enough time there to get what people really think.

One example is I have never seen on a white face a type of smile that is somewhat common in China and Japan (also common with Jews). That smile occurs when the person’s ethnic group is mentioned or when they speak from that point of view.

It doesn’t always show but if you are friends it will almost certainly appear during deep discussions of history or culture. It’s a smile of deep love, pride, and tenderness. I have never seen a white person display this smile.

After many years of being around people like that I started to question myself. I wondered why I didn’t feel love, pride, and tenderness toward my (white) people. Eventually, I realized that I was sort of programmed to despise patriotism, whiteness, my own ethnicity.

Another example happened when I was with some Japanese friends in Japan. They brought up the subject of David Duke to ask me what I thought of white identity politics. I hit the roof. Cussed out Duke and angrily insisted that people like him should never be allowed to even have a public voice since his views were so reprehensible.

My friends were taken aback, “But he is on your side,” they said. I remained adamant.

That happened over twenty years ago. I continued to be confident of my opinion for many years after that.

Eventually my mind cooled on the subject of Duke. I do try to be open minded so I decided to look into what he was really saying. I am not a huge fan of his, but his views are pretty tame, to be honest. He speaks and writes in ways that greatly resemble normal Japanese or Chinese thinking.

In 1950 whites comprised 28 percent of world population. Today we are fast approaching ten percent. If you live in a European or European derived country it may seem that white people are all-powerful and that “whiteness” is something to be destroyed. I think that is a bad way to think for anyone, and especially white people.

Most whites come from peasant stock and if you have Eastern European ancestry, you come from serf stock which is the same as slavery. Serfs were partially freed in Russia in 1861 but it took many decades for full freedom to arrive (only to be destroyed again by Bolsheviks).

In this context, I have been and will continue to post stuff on American nationalism, civic nationalism, economic nationalism, white identity and so forth. We live in a tribal world. If you put down your own tribe and help other tribes destroy it, you are not a good person. You are a fool.

Politics is always changing. In the din of many tribes vying for power, you can’t be holier-than-thou and leave your tribe voiceless. I support a strong, clear white voice similar to the Chinese, Japanese, or Zionist voice. Similar to voices all over the world.

Ultimately, I suppose, the world will be one. Maybe genetic research will give us so many choices for gene splicing, race and ethnicity will no longer matter. But until then it does.

6 thoughts on “White people and ethno-masochism

  1. I’m an Indian and I hate when people here in South Asia question their white friends, or more like confront them, on American foreign policy or Russian operations. Most of our criticism is misguided. Instead of political establishments, it is projected towards civilian population. Probably that’s why you see a lot of white journalists and travelers getting murdered or raped in Arab countries.
    However, you also have to consider the fact that most of these opinions are formed by the colonial history of this region. The racial supremacy that the Caucasians have managed to impose on coloured people through systematic and structural destruction of their ‘ pride’ and ‘culture’ plays a major role in influencing the psych of these people.

    1. I agree with much of this. I wrote the above because the backlash against whites has gone too far. Many whites have internalized the hatred others feel for them to the point of wanting to destroy themselves. I do not support the destruction of any people anywhere, including Tibetans.

      I don’t fully agree with your statement “systematic and structural destruction of their…’culture’.” I may not fully understand your take on this, but that basic statement is something you often hear in China and Japan. It is usually spoken in (learned) anger. Basically, people who say that imagine a golden age that white people destroyed and that if there had never been white people they would all be very happy. The problem with that is, while it may have been true many decades ago, modernity and all it entails is no longer controlled by whites. Industry, music, capitalism, science, movies, sexual mores, modern medicine, and much more run on their own steam now. White people are not forcing China to modernize and we are not forcing people to want to move to our countries. Many of us don’t like modern culture either.

      Recent American wars in the Middle East are a disgrace to humanity and to America. But remember, these wars are not the sole will of “white people.” They have happened, to be brief, due to internal Zionist pressure on US politicians and Zionist control of much of what is said in the media. Of course, it is more complex than that, but Zionism is the sine qua non of current US foreign policy in the Middle East. I can go further and mention the international oligarchy that actually controls the US and most of Europe. The election of Donald Trump was very much a reaction to that oligarchy. That it took an exceptionally talented billionaire who stood against both political parties and 90% of the MSM shows how much white people themselves have been colonized within their own societies.

      1. Let me be very clear. I am with you on unnecessary and misguided of white civilian population. However, you can’t the entire non white population with the same brush. History of China or Japan is very different from that India. Our interactions with the West has been very different. And that’s why our approach towards whites are also not similar.
        If you pick up any textbook on Indian history (by unbiased sources, obviously) you’ll get to know about the systematic and structural destruction I’m talking about. How can you say it doesn’t persist through generations. Perennial existence is on of the characteristics of structural change. And the worse part is, it still continues. Our cultures are still mocked by American pop culture. We have been bombarded with American TV and movies because it has been told to us by so called film experts from Malibu that real cinema is not the one that Bollywood shows. This cultural hegemony backed by lack of cultural diversity and representation is what irks us and makes us principally criticise the white race.

        1. From President Trump himself: “The so-called “A” list celebrities are all wanting tixs to the inauguration, but look what they did for Hillary, NOTHING. I want the PEOPLE!” (https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/812115501791006720). He is defying Hollywood.

          No one is forcing India to consume American pop culture. To criticize the “white race” for Hollywood makes no sense. Hollywood is notoriously run by a small group of people. Recall that Trump ran not only against Hillary but also US MSM, including Hollywood. US MSM does not represent all Americans and certainly not all white people. European whites criticize Hollywood in much the same way you do. Many Americans, including many whites, hate Hollywood and MSM for exactly the same reasons you give. They claim Hollywood mocks them, demeans them, denigrates religion, encourages sexual immorality, causes self-hate, destroys cultural cohesion, etc. I tend to agree with that and have not watched a Hollywood or Bollywood film in many years. I find that stuff shallow, boring, and not conducive to clear thinking. I do not own a TV for the same reasons.

          English influence on Indian history is without doubt massive. If you want to call it “structural,” that’s OK with me but usually “structural” means more than that in discussions of this kind. I have great respect for Indian culture and even spend a lot of time promoting Buddhism, which originated in South Asia as you know. There are white people in the US who would say I am a bad person for promoting a “foreign” belief system. Obviously, neither them nor me represent the “white race.” Within the world population of “white people” there is a vast spectrum of views. You cannot rationally blame all of whites for one part of world history or for the US entertainment industry over which we have no control.

    1. I agree. The same is true in China and Korea. One problem with this is each new generation is taught the same nationalist story which leads to learned or rehearsed hatred/anger toward whoever aggressed against them. In China and Korea, much of this anger is directed against Japan. It is not restricted to hatred of whites. I am sure that India also has other kinds of rehearsed factional anger/hatred that is not directed at white people.

      This is basic to human nature. We act on what we have been taught and conform to what our societies take to be truth. At least we do this for many years until we get old enough to see that these positions may be one-sided.

      I wrote the post above because I believe white people have to have a voice. If we don’t answer or only do Christian “love” or “universal morality,” we will be destroyed. It’s a terrible problem for all human societies. From this and your other comment, I believe you understand all of this. Dialog at this level is very helpful. Thanks for your comment.

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