The other side of narcissistic sexual aggression

Sexually aggressive, narcissistic men destroy male rivals whom they perceive as threats.

Example: potential male rivals of Matt Lauer were “killed off” by the deposed star.

Matt killed off, in their infancy, every man who could succeed him at the time that he was ready to hang it up — so there’s nobody to take his place. And now NBC is paying the price. (Source)

Narcissistic women are the same. Anyone who threatens a narcissist’s “supply” is in danger of being  destroyed.

Malignant aggression is a core feature of narcissistic behavior. It can range from career sabotage to murder, from gaslighting to poison.

It is not likely you have never dealt with a narcissist. The worst kinds are called malignant narcissists, but all narcissists exhibit aggression against rivals or former friends who have seen through their game.

Don’t be fooled by their popularity. As Lauer shows, popularity is their drug and they often are very good at “impression management” which keeps them center stage.

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