American Pravda: Racial Discrimination at Harvard

by Ron Unz

This last week trial began in Boston federal court for the current lawsuit in which a collection of Asian-American organizations are charging Harvard University with racial discrimination in its college admissions policies. The New York Times, our national newspaper of record, has been providing almost daily coverage to developments in the case, with the stories sometimes reaching the front page.

Last Sunday, just before the legal proceedings began, the Times ran a major article explaining the general background of the controversy, and I was very pleased to see that my own past research was cited as an important factor sparking the lawsuit, with the reporter even including a direct link to my 26,000 word 2012 cover-story “The Myth of American Meritocracy,” which had provided strong quantitative evidence of anti-Asian racial quotas. Economic historian Niall Ferguson, long one of Harvard’s most prominent professors but recently decamped to Stanford, similarly noted the role of my research in his column for the London Sunday Times. (Continue reading…)

I highly recommend reading the entirety of this essay to fully understand how American elite college admissions are skewed. This essay is very strong in and of itself and also it provides an excellent illustration of how skewed a great deal of American society is. Elite schools funnel graduates into elite positions in American government, media, academia, and society as a whole. Note the figures for N/J White (Non-Jewish White) in the graphs above. Hidden in the statistics of the court case on discrimination against Asian applicants to Harvard is, and has been for a long time, conspicuous discrimination against Non-Jewish White applicants. Readers of Unz’s 2012 essay on this subject, The Myth of American Meritocracy,” will not be surprised to learn that little has changed since then, except that Hillel has changed how they count which students are Jewish, now basing their tally on religious Jews only which cuts the count by more than half.

Unz’s work on this topic and others in his American Pravda series is well-worth reading. His essays take a little extra time to read but that time is what is needed to see around the curtain of surface mainstream American culture. You can’t get there in a few thousand words or less. The essay linked above is 10,400 words. It will change your view of American society for good. Don’t miss it. ABN

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