Absurd intersection of Clinesmith, Vaughn, and Boasberg

Ex-FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith avoids prison after admitting he doctored email in investigation of Trump’s 2016 campaign. As many are pointing out, they want to give Ricky Vaughn ten years for tweeting a joke meme, but this guy goes free for trying to swindle the FISA court into laying the most intrusive surveillance possible on President Trump to overthrow him. The most significant part of this is, this judge is also a FISA judge, handpicked by John Roberts.

link to original

The Deep State must know we can see this. They do it anyway because they are trapped in their game. MSM, Big Tech, and Wall Street abet and/or control the game because it has always worked for them and they, too, are trapped. Can’t get out of it now.

The GME anti-naked short-selling crowd action may start changing the game for real, as in costing the big players real money. Mere information about fraudulent investigations, elections, and prosecutions has laid a good foundation, but so far has not been enough to make DC pay attention to anyone but itself.

Further in-depth information on this topic can be found here: Understanding the Institutional Protection Racket Via Congress, Main Justice DOJ, FBI and FISA Court.

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