High-status selves

231 words

A good thing about our times is we are able to observe many high status people in much more detail than ever before, especially in video interviews. Bill & Melinda Gates, Elon Musk, Prince Harry, Deborah Birx, politicians, academics, artists, and so on.

What I notice is virtually none of them are all that special. Gates has money, Harry has pedigree, academics have credentials, artists some sort of fame or briefly noted skill. In their narrow areas of expertise, each one usually has a few minutes of something interesting to say. Beyond that, listening to Bill Gates is less interesting than listening to one of my neighbors.

Musk runs around with actresses, as does Harry. That seems hollow and lonely, a grown man chasing a common image of desire. Birx is a self-promoting drone while Melinda is a self-satisfied one.

To their credit, by not hiding in their basements, they are revealing the emptiness of the human ego.

Another place you can see, or rather hear, that emptiness is on NPR where everybody talks like they are reading a children’s book to children. I admit being cynical about the news and public life. Rather than speak the truth most of it is a lie or a mask.

It’s basic Buddhism that our ego-selves are made of greed, anger, ignorance, pride, and doubt. So it’s good to see the above, how people really are.

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