Infrastructure bill “just a cost shift” that allows blue states to divert funds: Stephen Miller

STEPHEN MILLER: I’m actually going to get technical for a second if I could, because I think it’s an important point to get across to your audience. One of the things we learned about infrastructure in the Trump Administration is that for all the money you’re spending on infrastructure you could have more roads, more bridges, more improvements to your community by throwing that entire bill in the trash can and passing the following one sentence into law: all approvals for new infrastructure shall either be approved or rejected within one calendar year. That one sentence will mean more roads, more bridges, more infrastructure, more new cement, more new asphalt, more new airports, more new everything. And it won’t cost you a single solitary penny.

What this money does, and it’s only a quarter of the massive bill, and what it does, is it actually takes money that blue cities and states have already earmarked for infrastructure, with their large tax hikes and their large tax plans that they already have in place, it takes that money, allows them to divert those funds to other left-wing projects, then fill in the hole with federal tax dollars. So actually no new infrastructure spending happens. It’s just a cost shift.

Stephen Miller calls Biden infrastructure bill a ‘cost shift’

Full video link

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