Rational overview of covid and covid policies

Twelve key questions about COVID-19 and lockdowns answered. All answers fully referenced from peer-reviewed research and leading authorities.

COVID-19: Just the Facts

The linked article provides a very good summary of the main covid issues. It centers on UK policies, statistics, and concerns but its conclusions largely apply to USA and world as well.

I found the section on vaccines wanting due to relying too much on dubious government statistics. In USA, it is of great concern that the CDC appears to have deliberately manipulated covid infection and mortality rates to make the disease seem worse and the vaccines better than they are. Also of great concern in USA is the banning and shunning of effective treatments such as ivermectin and budesonide, among others. Even worse it appears these treatments have been deliberately pushed aside so that Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) could be issued for the “experimental vaccines.” That would constitute a crime against humanity if true. I am not sure how much US policy affects UK, but it is probably considerable. Underlying policies for most nations appear to have some “global” source, either the WHO, elite herd mentality, or something more sinister.

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