Does Fauci really have the right to say questioning him is “to question science itself”?

Answer: No, because, Fauci either directed or was publicly supportive of the following anti-science measures:

  • lockdowns, which have been shown by 100 years of epidemiological science to be not only ineffective but counterproductive as they cause more “life-years” to be lost than saved since lockdowns harm the young disproportionately
  • school closures when it was known beyond doubt that covid is a very mild disease in children and young people
  • moreover, keeping children isolated harms them psychological while also greatly diminishing their chances of developing natural immunity to covid
  • facemask mandates, which have been known for decades to be ineffective and even unhealthy in children and others
  • deceptive use of PCR tests to: 1) greatly exaggerate the severity of the pandemic and then 2) the success of the vaccines by changing the number of test cycles from 40 to 28
  • promoting unsafe vaccines when effective therapeutics are known to exist
  • downplaying and even banning effective therapeutics such as ivermectin, HCQ, fluvoxamine, budesonide, and more
  • coercing children and young people to get vaccinated when it is known that natural immunity to covid is better than vaccine-induced immunity and that, furthermore, vaccine-induced immunity actually harms natural immunity by retraining the immune system to react to only a narrow portion of the coronavirus
  • supporting perverse monetary incentives for hospitals to admit covid-suspected patients ($13K) and then to send them to their ICUs ($39K)

Furthermore, Fauci did not publicly emphasize the very significant importance of the following in protecting people from covid:

  • vitamin D, vitamin C, and zinc supplements
  • good diet
  • exercise
  • sunshine and fresh air
  • well ventilated indoor air
  • plenty of sleep
  • having on hand effective therapeutics, some of which are mentioned above and which should be taken at the fist sign of covid illness

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