Anti-science push for FDA “approval” of covid vax

Posted under “mind control.” Recognize it when you see it and call it by name. ABN

1/8 HUGE INFLUENCER PUSH AGAINST SCIENCE. Goal? To have FDA approve vaccine without data.
How: The mass ongoing Experimental trial would end ( The FDA's mandate that 24 months of adverse event evidence be collected for approval would be dropped. WORSE..

A push to approve vaccines without data

2/8 Life-altering adverse events like auto-immune disorders, fertility issues ramping up now or medium-short term (1y) wouldn’t be detected. Removing a control group (the unvaccinated) is dangerous for the vaccinated. Did they think of this? No mentions..ITS OPINION..

3/8 DRIVING science. The optics look like COVID-INFLUENCER DRIVEN PRODUCT-MARKETING STRATEGY. Notice the little blue check on all the accounts all tweeting in <24hrs? To our knowledge not a big peep from the APPROVE NOW crowd about early treatment drugs Ivermectin. CONFLICT..

4/8 OF not INTEREST? Drugs are working at national scale in India (peak drop wt/ vax) and Mexico. Anti-virals can tame Covid. Cross spectrum anti-virals could be THE WORLD CHANGING POSITIVE STORY OF THE PANDEMIC. Nobody can buy a position of silence in science!

5/8 The "opinion push" isn't science or safe. HOW can you TELL? Opinioning: "put to rest incessant retorts that the vaccines are experimental", "urgency cannot be overstated", "We have more data than for most things", and the oft "safe and effective". BUT IS THAT TRUE..?

6/8 No. We're in the earliest stage of experiment. The VAERS databases are filling, with really no good analysis. There are signals of clotting and myocarditis. Mechanistically FEW physicians know that a dangerous part of Covid19 is the spike protein and it's in the vaccine. SO..

7/8 Physicians don't know the mechanisms, or risks, and thus aren't looking for the signals. Could we detect 2x+ more adverse events if people understood what they are dealing with. OF COURSE! Safe and Effective has become an epidemiological meme, hard work needed. SO BEFORE..

8/8 We COERCE young people to take newly-approved jab, let the 2y voluntary experiment finish out. This is new tech. Signals are just coming in, this week Military study 1in19k suffer myocarditis (some data says even more common). Grassroots advocacy. Retweet now from root.

Originally tweeted by Adam Mercy (@AdamDiscovers) on July 2, 2021.

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