Chinese covid videos all but prove massive psychological operation

This is the best collection I have seen of these psyop videos. Most readers will remember many of these clips. Is there any other explanation for them than they are a staged covid psychological operation designed to frighten and fool the West and world into copying China’s strict lockdown policies, thus ruining USA and Western economies? Could any response to covid have been worse than what we did? The US/Western response was so bad in fact, we are forced to suspect at least some major Western actors were knowingly colluding with China to maximize covid harm in order to to remove Trump from office and seize power for themselves. These videos vividly frame the societal setup for election fraud, the ruination of small businesses (predominantly owned by Trump supporters and conservatives) leading to the greatest transfer of wealth from common citizens to the ruling elite in history. Be sure to click on these Tweets to view many more examples. In my view, these videos prove Chinese guilt for releasing covid or at least using covid as a bioweapon and sadly that there must have been significant Western collusion and preplanning at at least quasi-governmental levels. ABN


I don’t know, bet you wanna try
Every time you see

Originally tweeted by Bobby Rajesh Malhotra ツ ψ (@Bobby_Network) on February 15, 2021.


Do you remember
When we fell in love?
We were young and innocent then
Do you remember

Originally tweeted by Bobby Rajesh Malhotra ツ ψ (@Bobby_Network) on February 15, 2021.


How it all began?
It just seemed like heaven, so why did it end?

Originally tweeted by Bobby Rajesh Malhotra ツ ψ (@Bobby_Network) on February 15, 2021.

UPDATE: The whole collection can be viewed here.

UPDATE: Here is a strong counterargument:

In conclusion, there is currently no evidence that the “collapsing people” videos of January 2020 were a “Sun Tzu style” Chinese psyop. Instead, they may have been part of the “mass psychosis” at the time, leveraged by clickbaiters and hoaxers and Western media, or they may have been part of a Western psyop against China, the Western population, or both.

Did China Stage the Videos of People Collapsing in Wuhan?

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