Iceland vaccines fail: “Herd immunity must be achieved by transmitting the virus”

1/ Stunning news from Iceland – among the world’s most vaccinated countries – today.

Facing a huge new #Covid outbreak that translates into ~100,000 new US cases a day, the country’s chief epidemiologist now says natural infection is the only way to reach herd immunity…

2/ And he is not going to propose more lockdowns or widespread boosters. They do want to vaccinate teens but they are getting pushback. From an Icelandic reader (as you can see, the articles back him).

Put Iceland on Team Reality. Virus gonna virus.


What is so stunning about this is that a couple of weeks ago, as cases began to rise, Iceland looked to be going the opposite way and imposing a new wave of restrictions in the hope of bolstering vaccine effectiveness. Clearly they've recognized that strategy is impossible.

Originally tweeted by Alex Berenson (@AlexBerenson) on August 8, 2021.

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