One thought on “Pfizer to Israel: “No adverse events from vax are to be disclosed for a minimum of 10 years”

  1. SUCH a heading, a contract must fraudulent as it does HARM and is killing humans with intent,hence be an illegal contract and thereby treble damages to the person and family so awarded in USD,to all victims. andPATIENT RIGHTS under Hippa in USA by law delivers all data to so prove facts on file, .. it is the property of the patient to deliver a legal bill!! for reimbursement costs too and not GET PENALIZED for over or under billing at a lOSS.        This occurs via a processor, I have one in mind, one such processor and program written using thousands                  of ICD9 rules to apply to the data feed. .  such as a country, a hospital main computer coding and billing data.         Where is the money besides in share value per SEC at Pfizer.                    I give you another BIT, that MERCK declined making a inoculation, as it has no vaccine? correct?            I have said why, three times within above. . Did you get it?   GET a copy of contract, make it disclosed and declare, claim, allege, criminal intent. Find a bullet proof trial lawyer and a better analyst in addition to Jane Doe, who is fine for that portion, as far more exists in support.  I wrote you last week, recall. Respectfully,Andrew Hudson  214 837 4970 

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