Tragic levels of absurdity rise ever higher. Media keeps saying IVM is for animals when it won the Nobel Prize for globally solving 2 endemic diseases in HUMANS. The @US_FDA tells jokes and lies while cases explode and people are dying. Horse Joke: Not funny you jackasses. (1/3)

Lie #1: IVM actually one of the SAFEST meds in history. Lie #2: Actually NOT ONE proven death from IVM ever, overdose or not. Lie #3: FDA says "Don’t use in COVID" but admit “we haven’t reviewed the data.” Guess who did your work 4 you:@Covid19Critical 2/3

Lie #4: We don’t NEED your #%!&$ “approval” to prescribe, it’s called off-label use and 1000's are prescribing. STFU, go back to your desk while we on the front lines try to keep people out of hospitals. Try to tell the Anderson's your little jokes. (3/3)

Originally tweeted by Pierre Kory, MD MPA (@PierreKory) on August 27, 2021.

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