Theories on why Kabul fell so quickly

Trump demands to get back all the US equipment in the hands of Taliban in Afghanistan. I think there may be two possible alternate explanations for why the equipment was left behind. Explanation one is they were left behind because the manufacturers paid off the people who made the decisions – the Generals, Biden, his staff, and so on. Now we will have to spend hundreds of  billions to replace all of that equipment and the manufacturers will get paid. The second, and maybe more likely possible explanation, is the voter audit report in Arizona was suddenly going to hit and they needed a false flag to take over the news cycle. Somewhere, somebody suddenly realized if Kabul fell, and the Taliban took over, the visuals would be so dramatic it would completely occupy the minds of the people. But I think the timing was so tight, they needed to just get everybody at Bagram out of there so the Taliban could roll through to Kabul as quickly as possible, and they didn’t even have time to pack up their equipment. That may also be why they didn’t use Bagram, and went straight to Kabul. There wasn’t time, because they needed the Taliban in Kabul by Wednesday.


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