Gov DeSantis: No Noble COVID Lies

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On monoclonal antibodies, this is how a politician should sound overall on all issues. I wonder about DeSantis’ less than fully candid support for vaxxes, though, which are showing considerable short-term harm and death, thus diabolically skewing statistics to make them look better since vax deaths are counted as covid “unvaxxed” deaths. This area of inquiry is cloudy because CDC is also doing Noble Lies on the data of infection and death. On top of the short term, we have many indications that the vaxxes are initiating disease processes that will yield long-term harms: cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, etc. As far as American politicians go, DeSantis is one of the best, but that is not saying much. I think he could do an even better job if he would dig deeper into all aspects of covid malfeasance. ABN

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