Govt mismanagement of covid will be a major wedge issue in 2022 & 2024: Robert Malone

President Trump needs to figure our how to deal with this better than he has. Both he and DeSantis would do best to say the vax has some efficacy for vulnerable and anyone who decides for themselves to take it. But coercive vax mandates and banning treatments for covid is a crime against humanity; and those words are not too strong. Just tell the truth while openly recognizing that all dynamic situations demand constant positional shifts. Hate to see Trump get tied up so much in past positions he can’t or won’t extricate himself from them. His strong suit has always been his honesty and willingness to tell the truth to the American people. I would respect both men more if they expressed full realism on these issues which are particularly pressing in part because they are not simple and do not lend themselves well to sound bites or slogans. We the people can and will understand a deep nuanced stance on covid and covid vaxs. ABN

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