Rose McGowan: “Running me off the road. Breaks into where I live. Hello Democrats”

This is dangerous harassment for what she said about Democrats and breaking away from her role as a mainstream puppet. McGowan’s smartest move now is tell everything she knows about whoever is threatening her. Tell it all. Make it public. Then killing or harming her will only underscore her message. It is conceivable this story is fake and she is seeking attention, but if you go that way it is also conceivable she is losing it because someone is poisoning her. Anyone who has a serious story about power and starts to speak runs the risk of being poisoned, made to look crazy. What better way to discredit someone? I speak from considerable experience and knowledge in this area. Cabal prefers driving its enemies insane over killing them. Notice how many serious critics with tales to tell become unhinged and settle out of court or just go away. ABN

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