Small signs Deep State/cabal is faltering

A major untold story of the Trump era has been the political comeback of the CIA, NSA, and FBI, who thanks to an ingenious marketing campaign now enjoy widespread support among young liberal influencers. Only a partial link as the rest is paid, but his example of the Young Turks extolling the CIA’s virtue to their listeners is interesting. They were always CIA/Cabal assets, and knew the big secret. That Cabal now feels it needs to burn its deep cover influencers to buy cred says they are on the ropes. If they were still in control, those influencers would be the controlled opposition attacking the CIA and the establishment and Cabal wouldn’t care because they would be in full control regardless. It is weird to see people reach out to fans, and lure them in and fake loyalty, knowing all the while they are just fucking them all over. That type of work has to blacken your soul.


Cabal may be faltering but I put nothing past them, including a new bioweapon attack, crashing the economy, or starting WW3. If they cannot withdraw into safety, and they have bet the ranch, they may lose everything and they know it; hence a strong KOBK response must be expected. Expecting something does not mean we will lose. It only means we are recognizing the game that is being played around us. Most Americans are weak in KOBK basic strategic thinking because we have been on top for a long time. China, for example, has been struggling for 200 years to understand and deal with the West, while the West has been blithely and naively hoping that China will become like us for the last 20 years. Our assumptions have brought us weakness and stupid policies, while China’s have taught them over many generations that losing sucks and winning demands ruthless KOBK strategies. If anyone thinks this is not a Buddhist analysis, remember that wisdom and hard realism are paramount Buddhist virtues. ABN

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