“To sum it up, Trump and his team laid out groundwork during his four year administration” to do a massive sting on Deep State actors

Amazing research. So to sum it up, Trump and his team laid out groundwork during his four year administration. They allowed the election steal to happen. Trump shuffled a lot of key players around in the month following the election (at the time, I couldn’t understand for the life of me why all these people were being appointed to high level positions, when it would only be for a couple months, until inauguration). On Dec 7 he issued the EO to make it official, and on Jan 18, two days prior to inauguration, it went active with COGCON 2 continuation of government.

Amazingly, Kim Clement was correct with his two presidents prophecy.


The above is a comment to a link that describes a massive Q-style sting which many expect to see soonish and which is supported by much of what we are seeing today and have been seeing during the ridiculous Obiden fiasco. A basic idea is that the American people need to be shown how bad the woke left is and thus prepared to understand how deep and serious the rot is. Following this, a large sting against deep state and corrupt actors in USA will be more acceptable to Americans, even welcome by many. I do not find this thesis any more outlandish than covid is a bioweapon released either by China or USA. ABN

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