Here we go again: China suffers its most widespread Covid-19 outbreak since Wuhan with 19 provinces seeing new cases

China is suffering its most widespread Covid-19 outbreak since the virus first emerged at the beginning of the pandemic in Wuhan in 2019. 

The country’s new locally transmitted Covid cases have spiked to a near three-month high amid what the Chinese government called a ‘serious’ new outbreak of the highly infectious Delta variant.


You cannot defeat tyranny by appeasing it; they will just take more. Allow a govt to have excessive power whenever they declare an emergency, and they will declare emergencies whenever they want more power. Woke left lost big this week. Let’s not go back to their shit now. No more fucking emergencies. No more fucking mandates. And no more fucking dictatorship by federal agencies. Obiden is senile. Fauci is a psychopath. Harris is on drugs at best. Pelosi is the worst speaker ever. CRT is so stupid only an idiot would accept. Everyone in the world is descended from slaves. It’s in our genes. Freedom is also in our genes. No more fucking bullshit! ABN

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