Purposeful Crisis Keeps Unfolding as Biden’s Irrelevant Polling Keeps Collapsing – White House Vaccine Mandates Promoted, While Courts Attempt to Block

We are witnessing a very specific type of electoral frustration caused by officials within a system attempting to stop a communist style fundamental change by taking action within the same system simultaneously collapsing through the actions of the communists.

Joe Biden’s approval rating has collapsed to the lowest level in history {data here} ,which would normally cause a pause amid the political operators.

However, in this new era, where collapsing the U.S. economic and social system is the objective, the polling is irrelevant.

The Obama plan to use Biden as a disposable figure was designed for one specific four year term of maximum damage.

The polling is irrelevant.

Evidence of this purpose is found in the White House telling businesses to continue operating as if the vaccine mandate is legally authorized, despite a court ordered injunction against it {data here}.  We are in a post-constitutional system now where the traditional checks and balances are ignored.   This is a very Machiavellian approach being deployed against the American people.


What is being described in this essay is pure KOBK (kill-or-be-killed). American people, or at least some of us, must understand our enemies will take no prisoners. Their goal is to destroy USA as we (used to) know it. The hour is very late. If you did not support Donald Trump, now you know why the rest of us did and still do. ABN

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