Maxwell jurors allegedly doxed

From the comments, Bloomberg doxes the Ghislaine jurors. It looks like somebody in the Court system got the intel, passed it to a Cabal media person to publish, and they put it out. The thing is, I can guarantee you, Cabal already knows exactly who is on the jury. If Cabal didn’t manage to already fill the jury with its assets through controlling the juror summons mailings, the neighborhood coverage of each juror would have ID’d them at that personal neighborhood level and passed the finding up. So why are Cabal assets working to get this into the media? One explanation is Cabal wants to act on that intelligence, and needed to parallel construct some means by which the intel could have gotten into the open which didn’t expose that there is a massive ground surveillance machine that uncovered it, such as a lone intrepid reporter who published it in search of a scoop. Now if a juror gets intimidated, that juror will assume this article did it, and be no wiser to the fact they are being watched, which is how Cabal likes it.


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