UK: Dose interval for booster jab to be halved from six months to three months

Minimum dose interval for booster jabs to be halved from 6 months to 3 months and all adults to be offered booster Covid vaccine, Health Secretary Sajid Javid confirms

Originally tweeted by BBC Politics (@BBCPolitics) on November 29, 2021.

This booster schedule threatens to cause high zone tolerance or original antigenic sin, both of which weaken or destroy the immune system. Not talking about the guy in the video whom I know little about, but in USA and most of the Western world covid has revealed that our health care systems are filled with toadies and martinets who have allowed absurd responses to the virus to proceed unchecked without even the semblance of scientific debate. As we move into third and fourth boosters for a failed vaccine against a virus (alpha) which no longer exists, I sense that maybe this dangerous situation is starting to change. If Fauci falls or is deposed, let’s hope a committee of really good scientists without any conflicts of interest take over advising the world (not mandating anything) on how to treat covid. ABN

UPDATE: The many healthcare professionals who have spoken out and have offered to debate are, of course, exceptions to what I say above. We have featured many of these doctors and nurses on this site and know there are many more. Still, the overwhelming weight of our current medical system falls on the bad side of the scale epitomized by Fauci, Collins, Birx and others with key positions in our top-down “sciencey” hierarchy that should not be characterized by the ignorant authoritarianism we have been witnessing. ABN

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