Geert Vanden Bossche offers a positive message

This is a positive message from G. Vanden Bossche (can you imagine?!) to all those who were jabbed but now want their innate immune system to revert to ‘virgin’ statusNow is the time to do it! Why and how?

Omicron will soon dominate the scene. As it is poorly (or not at all) recognized by S(pike)-directed antibodies (Abs) that are either induced by the current C-19 vaccines (containing Wuhan’s S protein) or by short-lived anti-S Abs of low affinity that result from previous asymptomatic/ mild infection with the Delta variant, your valuable innate Abs capable of handling ALL SARS-CoV-2 variants will now be set free! 

–  Under NO circumstances should you get further shots, and certainly not with an updated (anti-Omicron) C-19 vaccine (see footnote

–  Take your health VERY SERIOUSLY (exercise, focus on metabolic health & a nutritious diet, don’t panic and work to minimize stress & anxiety)

…In addition, the more people refrain from getting jabbed with an updated anti-Omicron vaccine, the more readily we (Wuhan S-vaccinated and unvaccinated together!) will diminish the infectious pressure in the population and, therefore, mitigate disease symptoms and achieve herd immunity (thanks to sterilizing immunity conferred by a fully functional innate immune system). This will largely prevent healthy individuals from contracting the disease and even protect the most vulnerable who lack full-fledged innate immunity because of underlying conditions.


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