Mass Formation | Dr Mattias Desmet: Professor of Clinical Psychology: Why do so many still buy into the narrative?

This is a short excerpt from a Desmet talk in October. Notice that everything fooling us is a simple narrative characterized by fear, hate, falsified data, and sloppy ideas. Covid, woke, Trump hate, the impeachments—all are stories with focused plotlines but little else. This focus on a scary story with a way to escape from it is central to Desmet’s mass formation ideas. I agree with what he is saying and am reminding readers that this technique has been used since 9/11 and before.

A longer video with Desmet is here: Mattias Desmet discusses “mass formation” or “mass hypnosis” and how it explains many facets of the covid response in the West. This is the best interview with him I have seen. ABN

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