Does Big Pharma “own” the bad effects of the vaxxes because they own the patents for some of the ingredients? If so, they are legally liable for what they own

OK I've been busy for a mouse and need a break.. but something really important has come up so I'm just going to provide a teaser.

It's about this

A farmer who took on Monsanto in the supreme court and won. It's an internationally recognised case.

Schmeiser vs Monsanto.

Well, he didn't quite win. Because in the small print was this decision:

Which means, to this day (and the corporations want you to know this).

If something you own is contaminated by a patented product, it is owned by the patent owner.

Not relevant to anything of interest?

What if a virus is contaminated by a patented gene in the same way that Percy Schmeiser's crops were (that it was now ruled Monsanto owned)?

@chrismartenson @RandPaul @RepThomasMassie

Who owns #SARSCoV2?

If there is a contaminant that is patented, the patent owner owns it.

If you own something that harms someone else, what happens?

Monsanto may have dropped #BigPharma into the biggest pile of Bat💩in criminal history.


Originally tweeted by Jikky Kjj (@JikkyKjj) on January 16, 2022.

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