The road to hell is NOT paved with good intentions. It is paved with maliciously using or perverting someone else’s good intentions

In my book, suasion that maliciously uses or perverts other people’s good moral intentions is among the worst moral acts you can do. It is not only evil in itself but also harms the conscience, morality, and clear thinking of the person so abused.

An example of this is the CDC telling people to get vaxxed “for others.” By appealing to our moral sense, they are maliciously using our good and morally-felt intentions to get us to override our reason, thus warping our consciences.

The road to heaven or enlightenment is paved with good intentions, no doubt about it. Good intentions arise from good thoughts and produce more good thoughts in self and other. Clearly, wisdom is also called for because this world is filled with people who will knowingly betray our trust, abuse our innocence, or maliciously use or pervert our good intentions.

I used the CDC example because it is current, but many other examples of this idea can be found. Understanding this is an important part of the line we all must eventually cross between innocence and wisdom. We have to know ourselves what is right and not be fooled by others who seek to use us for unwholesome ends.

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