“Human Augmentation – The Dawn of a New Paradigm”

The report: Human Augmentation – The Dawn of a New Paradigm. A strategic implications project” was published jointly by the UK Ministry of Defense, and German Federal Ministry of Defense in 2021. Reading this document is frankly chilling as the the idea of using human augmentation for warfare is considered a fait accompli by the authors. That planning for human augmentation must start now.

We can assume that although this report is coming from the UK Ministry of Defense, and German Federal Ministry of Defense, parallel efforts are being made by most large governments around the world.


Human augmentation is philosophically required of governments/societies under KOBK rules, which are irremediable and absolute. To not do human augmentation is to cede power to your enemies, real or possible. The NSA has a vast database of all communications for precisely this reason—KOBK demands it. Biowarfare is happening right now with covid; this is obvious. It may be slowed or stopped with Omicron, which appears to be a biowarfare-stopping biowarfare weapon; or it might be something else, a new salvo in an ongoing KOBK war for world domination. We don’t know. In fact, we can’t know even if “we” are the perps because we can’t know what our enemies might do next nor can we even be sure of who our enemies are.

There is no way to morally “plan” for human augmentation in the sense that we can limit it because you can’t limit it. If we don’t do it they will. For this same reason, bioweapons research was and is necessary. I do not think it was a good idea to share our bioweapons research with China. That was stupid. Whoever did that did not understand KOBK. One thing we have learned from the Wuhan covid release or attack is an attack like that maybe can be overcome by quickly making a harmless virus like Omicron that also confers immunity. The other thing I hope we learned is do not share these weapons with China or allow them to steal them. How stupid can you be? Do not share these weapons with any potential enemy. ABN

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