KLAUS SCHWAB buttering TRUDEAU in 2016: “I want to thank also our CANADIAN constituency which always has been a very LOYAL (to whom?) constituency at the Forum… And now we can make sure in the future we strengthen the cooperation even more with your country”

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Today we can see where that flattery has led Canada. Did Canadians vote to become a “loyal constituency” of WEF? To “cooperate even more” with WEF? Do Canadians understand that Justin is acting not in the interests of Canada, but as a loyal constituent bowing to the will of globalist WEF? The strongarm tactics being used against Canadians by Trudeau today are examples that his primary loyalty is not to Canada but to WEF. When globalists use the word cooperate in contexts like this they mean “obey,” which Trudeau is dutifully doing. ABN

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