NEVADA: Students at Reno campus display their poor educations

Students at the University of Nevada, Reno protest over the mask mandate being lifted.

They chant “reinstate the mask mandate” like zombies.

Originally tweeted by Courtney Holland 🇺🇸 (@hollandcourtney) on February 15, 2022.

Note their hypnotic droning voices which are the rhythmic and sonic components of the ideologies they have been entrained to follow like beasts. Culture and language are deeply connected. These students will all talk alike just as much as they think alike. Simplistic ideologies function like simple linguistic grammars to convey meaning. Why doesn’t their science teacher explain to them that masks don’t work and are especially pointless at their ages? Then their psychology professor can explain that masks are ritual symbols that demark loyalty to their group and willingness to obey it. ABN

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