Russia DECLARES raw Kill-or-be-Killed reasoning to the world; threatens use of nuclear weapons

This threat is neither crazy nor idle. Based on KOBK reasoning, Russia has no other choice, save defeat .”Why do we need the world if Russia won’t be in it?” Kiselyov asks, demonstrating the extremely rapid escalation probable under KOBK game theory rules.

There is no question that the West/USA/NATO know they have pushed Russia into a corner, leaving Putin no way out but to surrender or fight. Kiselyov gives Putin’s answer for all to see and hear. Why did the West/USA do that? It is not an accident.

Citizens of the West/USA must understand that Russia is being threatened by the same people who have been lying to us about every recent war including the recent bioweapons covid war. My point is not to side with Russia but to understand them and the pressure they are facing from our own fraudulent government of usurpers who stole the last election and over the years have infiltrated every major US institution. ABN

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