The fallacy of: “Invading another country is an absolute moral line which cannot be crossed”

I am seeing this fallacy appear a lot when people start thinking about Ukraine. It occurs in this podcast at about 21:40. At that point Dexter White says something like: invading another country is an absolute moral line for me. I am citing his misuse of this moral line injunction because the podcast is otherwise quite good and many are saying words to that effect and it’s a mistake. A thoroughly corrupt nation like Ukraine that is also behaving as a violent proxy for even larger corrupt forces is morally invadable. There is no bright line there. You can argue it was a bad idea for other reasons but not because there is an “absolute moral line.” There is also no absolute moral line against martial law.

If just saying that is not enough to convince you, spend some time thinking about KOBK game theory and how and why predatation/parasitism has been used as a strategy and tactic to conquer the West. Parasitism is a possible human trait and as such a possible cultural trait. For this reasons, a small parasitic subculture can transmit its parasitic traits to other subcultures, which is why we are seeing so many today—woke, BLM, Antifa, the DNC, RNC, Washington DC, corrupt universities, WEF, and so on. There are almost no exceptions to the predator/parasitic takeover of every major Western institution. We even have a senile president and a genuine idiot VP as a result of a fraudulent election. The US State Department has been conquered, taken over. It is filled with parasites who are using it to further parasitize Ukraine and Europe in a larger effort to take over Russia and more.

White’s exact words are: “…flat out, what he’s [Putin] done, invading another country regardless of his stated reasons is completely unacceptable to me. I think Putin has lost whatever legitimacy he had…” There is context and nuance to White’s words and if he wanted to qualify them, I would probably accept it if he included acceptance that the above described fallacy is indeed a fallacy. The podcast is: Dexter White and the Fog of Truth Around Ukraine. It’s quite good and I recommend it. ABN

One thought on “The fallacy of: “Invading another country is an absolute moral line which cannot be crossed”

  1. Hypocrisy is having a world fest. Let he who is without sin…. Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Yemen etc etc…. the US “foreign policy” does not suffer the inhibitions that Dexter White and a host of suckers for the propaganda would wish on Russia. And Russia has stated its aim from the outset, which is to get NATO off its western borders with Ukraine. The US urinated on its promise to Gorbachev not to let NATO creep eastwards. The lies, exceptionalism and absence of any discernible morals or ethics both in relation to this and to its own population has brought the US, and its hangers-on to a nadir for the once-golden idea of western democracy. The globalist parasites infest our institutions, pollute our culture and now bid fair to murder our citzens with their Zyklon C. We need to wake up fully to all this, stop the conditioned flag-wagging reflexes and clean the stable from end to end.

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