The most important covid graph no one is talking about

This graph shows 263,800 “Extra Anomalous Deaths in the American population starting the 14th week of 2021,” approximately one year ago. The start date of this anomaly signals very strongly that covid vaccines are a major cause of these “extra deaths.” In ordinary language, this graph is screaming something really fucking bad is happening with the vaccines.

click image for larger


By not talking about these data, our health officials are themselves loudly signaling guilty knowledge of precisely these data because they have to know what not to talk about. The same goes for doctors, scientists, health workers and others who can easily understand this information and who surely are seeing these outcomes among their patients. Moreover, this information is corroborated by many other researchers, all of whom are doing their best to stop mass vaccinations due to this very loud and strong signal of death and harm. Where there is one death from injection there will be many, many more injuries. ABN

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