Why is the White House Bragging About Conducting Military Operations in Ukraine to Kill Russians?

Does Joe Biden intend to take the U.S. into a direct war with Russia?  Perhaps because the only historic way out of a deep economic recession is a war or housing starts? Perhaps, because they need a bigger distraction from the political impact of their own policies?

Those questions need to be asked and answered quickly, because the White House is about to flip the switch from a “proxy war” into an actual hot war between the United States and Russia.  How do we know?  Because the Biden administration is openly bragging about their specific military operations inside Ukraine that are killing Russians.


This is the biggest dark cloud on the horizon. Proxy war and economic crash are partly covering up covid malfeasance today, but more coverup is needed. A shooting war with Russia will perform that task and may even lead to cancelling 2022 elections. The reptilians who control Biden have proved to be ruthless. I see no reason they would not provoke nuclear war if it would save their skins and gain them more power. They all have bunkers and would survive. This would constitute a classic KOBK action and as such an imperative in their minds. ABN

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