It’s what they did in Ukraine to provoke Russia. They did steal the election. They did either release covid, the bioweapon, or use covid, the bioweapon, to facilitate election fraud through anti-scientific fear-mongering, mandates, and bans. It looks like someone is hyping a laboratory version of monkeypox. China is definitely preparing for war. Many signs indicate deliberate US provocation of China. Thing is Xi Jinping may be behind some of this. Covid arrived just as he lost the trade war with Trump. A milder variant of covid infected many Chinese in 2018-19 and this may have been deliberately released to inoculate them in preparation for full-on biowarfare in 2019-20. One thing is certain, there is a very dangerous hair-trigger KOBK rivalry among the world’s top three military powers—USA, China, and Russia. See the KOBK (Kill-or-be-Killed) tag for more on this topic. ABN

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