Dr Geert Vanden Bossche: Covid will probably become more virulent and spread swiftly and widely among the vaccinated

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Everyone should know and fully understand what Vanden Bossche is saying. So far, his most dire prediction has not occurred, but everything else he has said in that vein has. We already are seeing ADE (Antibody Dependent Enhancement), which is why Omicron keeps circulating among the vaccinated.

There is a giant ecosystem of covid viruses interfacing with a giant ecosystem of vaccinated human beings. There is literally nothing stopping a much more virulent viral mutation—either one that already exists or a newly evolved one—from manifesting and then spreading rapidly, causing widespread sickness and death. Consider only one aspect of this: virtually all of our first responders, including medical personnel, have been vaccinated and boosted. That means hospitals, police and fire departments, EMTs, our military, and more will be incapacitated should that more virulent virus appear.

According to Vanden Bossche, our only defense against this is to stop mass vaccinations immediately and replace them with antiviral prophylaxes. ABN

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