The New Abnormal: Features of the Biomedical Security State…

1. Begins with the militarization of public health, leading to the melding of public health with the police powers of the state, facilitated by digital technologies of surveillance and control.

2. Dictates that various problems—social, environmental, economic—be reframed as public health issues, and eventually health emergencies. Governance entails jumping from one crisis to the next, each time invoking the need for extra-legislative or extra-judicial executive powers.

3. Assumes the legal form of the state of exception triggered by this ongoing series of crises, where hypothetical risks according to “worse case” logic are used to justify extreme responses requiring systematic control of the entire body of citizens.

The protection of public health overrules any individual or privacy rights and health is imposed on citizens as a legal obligation.

4. Takes the political form of corporatism, i.e., fascism according to the term’s original meaning.

5. Drives industry toward systems of algorithmically controlled automation where humans become superfluous. The human person is reduced to bare biological life—a mere collection of muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones—with regrettable energy and excretion requirements.

6. Regards all rationality as purely instrumental, thus destroying the possibility of shared universal truths. Philosophically, its epistemology is scientism; its metaphysics is materialism; and its ethics is the direction of history as discerned by an elite clerisy.

7. Takes the religious form of Neo-Gnosticism, which seeks to overcome all embodied, material limitations. The system is administered by an elite class of unelected but credentialed bureaucrats and managers who move in the virtual world of screens and software…

…while controlling the bodies of those moving in the real world of physical labor.

8. Pushes depersonalization and alienation to the extreme, constituting a dehumanizing regime that inevitably moves toward totalitarianism.

Originally tweeted by Aaron Kheriaty, MD (@akheriaty) on July 9, 2022.

This is quite good and well summarized except for one thing: it stops at who controls the administrators the Biomedical Security State (point 7). When all that we see coming from this Biomedical Security State works against the interests of the American people, and when we can also see that all other major American institutions—media, academia, other federal agencies, and more— have similarly been infiltrated and taken over, we can only conclude that a half-hidden cabal or sizeable gang is controlling those who are doing the administering, and not just the administering of the Biomedical Security State. Over the past seven decades following WW2, America has suffered a form of organized and deliberate asymmetric warfare that has all but completely defeated the great country we once were. ABN

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