The Ethical Skeptic DEMOLISHES a fake skeptic

This is a debunking statement, containing false science. Let's dive in…

1. False. I don't have a plausible mechanism as to what gravity is, but I am allowed to observe/measure it.

Many principles are based upon observation alone, hopefully mechanism theory follows.

2. False. This is not a 'claim', it is an observation. By making it a claim, it must be proved right now – before the CDC releases its full next year of data.

This is a trick of a fake skeptic/academic.

3. False. The Law of Large Numbers renders the remote in possibility – a certainty. We are dealing with hundreds of millions vaccinated. Even the slightest signal will show in this type of data.

He should have known this, given his position and tenure. Take this as a hint.

4. False. People whose extant cancer is being contained by their immune system. When that immune system is compromised, their cancer will come out of remission, & be more aggressive than before.

Takes a matter of (weeks?, months?) – our signal has manifested over 16 months now.

5. False. The human body has cancer emerge constantly, cancer which is dispatched by the immune system. We've had 16 months now of compromised immune systems in hundreds of millions of persons.

That statement was an issuance of fake logical calculus, playing to the ears of the faithful.

It is pseudo-science. It is incompetence.

In our email exchanges, I warned you about bullshitting regarding science.

You went and did it again.

Oops I Did It Again GIF

Unfortunately for the hangman…

1. He was not a master of his craft, and

2. The audience is not so sympathetic and gullible any longer.

This is not 1995. You can no longer pull the wool over peoples eyes, with your sheepskin alone.

Originally tweeted by Ethical Skeptic ☀ (@EthicalSkeptic) on August 26, 2022.

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