Dr Mike Yeadon analyzes the pandemic with scathing clarity and purpose: “We’re sliding down through the Gates of Hell”

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Yeadon was one of the first, if not the first, deep pharma professionals to warn of the dangerous vaccines and the almost certain malignant intent behind creating them. He began warning us in early December 2020. In this video, Yeadon describes a 50-year WEF-style plan that is, in his words, nothing short of “evil.” He was right in 2020 and way ahead of most of us. To what he says in this video, I would add that there also has been a violent 70-year clandestine attack on Western populations that ran concurrently. Those of us who understand what has happened during covid and can agree on most of the major factors involved should also collectively realize that we are being attacked by forces that have infiltrated and taken over all of the important cultural and political high-ground in the West—our schools, government agencies, news media, governing bodies, hospitals, and more. Near the end of this video, Yeadon says, “I think this is just the beginning.” I agree and bet most of us can see this. What we do now, I don’t know. The infiltration and control is deep and well-established. Yeadon concludes, “Covid has been Part One of a multi-act play that is going to take ten years… We’re sliding down through the Gates of Hell.” ABN

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